Rehab in Thailand: fundamentals of holistic rehab

The holistic drug rehab method teaches participants to bring their spirit, body and mind into equilibrium. In the event the person is weak in the mind but robust in body, the holistic technique will focus on the weaker areas to help people muster the power to stop using drugs.

In Thailand, drug treatment rehab clinics that bill themselves as “holistic” tend not to comply with traditional models (like psychotherapy or support programs). Instead, the focus is on curing the person as a whole – if one part is out of balance, all parts will be considered as such.

This is part of a broader Thai philsophy that sees people as the sum of their parts. If any of those parts are out of balance, the person will suffer life deficiencies in some area. For drug addicts, the wear and tear of chonic use on the body, mind and spirit is immense. Therfore a good holistic rehab program will seek to not only break the patient’s drug addiction, but also to put the entire person back into balance.

How holistic drug rehabilitation in Thailand can help

One way in which holistic drug rehab treatment in Thailand differs is by serving only healthy organic meals. These are designed to enhance health by dealing with nutritional inadequacies brought on by addiction. If you’ve never tried Thai food, here’s an option to indulge in the best quality food around. In addition, holistic programs heartily endorse physical fitness through activities like yoga, swimming and hiking. Doing so in Thailand presents a world of opportunities to immerse in nature and forge a deeper connection with the self.

To better support the mind-body connection, a clinic may offer meditation training as well as other types of alternative therapy like art exercises, singing sessions and sometimes even animal care therapy (like helping take care of on-site pets).

Factors to consider when seeking drug treatment in Thailand

In Thailand, it’s probably a good idea to look for a program which offers healthy mix of different treatment methods. People are complex, and not every type of treatment works for everybody. In holistic drug rehab programs, it is standard for therapists to customise treatments in ways that cater to the needs of the patient.

When doing research to locate a good holistic drug rehab program in Thailand, ask a lot of questions – the more questions, the better. For example, get the details about what types of therapies and activities are offered. Also, check whether some parts of the holistic heal;ing program are mandatory – many holistic programs allow patients to opt out of activities, but some do not. It is also worth finding out how long the drug addiction programs last, and what the duration options are. In general, a 30-day drug rehab program can help, but for long-term success, longer treatments will yield more lasting results.

Premium drug addiction rehab in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most touristed countries on the planet, and also a top choice for drug rehab. Patients willing to make the trip should look into a stay at the Next Step Chiang Mai (one of the top drug rehab centres in Asia). The Next Step combines a holistic drug treatment program with a variety of personal development options that treat all parts of the holistic person. While staying in one of the most beautiful places on earth, patients learn to integrate within a healing community and reach a state of consistent sobriety. Thus it becomes a trip of a lifetime, with a reward at the end that will lead to a fuller and more enriching life.

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